How cool is it that we have such powerful tools at our fingertips. When our littlies need support, we can offer a natural alternative to over the counter medication, providing almost instant relief.

Essential oils have such a vast range of healing properties and almost any symptom can be addressed with an oil that holds properties to support that particular issue. For example, lets say your little one falls resulting in a minor injury & their cut was to show symptoms of infection. You could grab yourself an empty roller bottle, add tea tree essential oil (mother nature’s antiseptic), mix it with some fractionated coconut oil apply it around the broken skin (not on or in) & you’re good to go. If you’ve run out of tea tree no problem, you could use lavender instead. How easy is that!

Familiarise yourself with the essential oils you have at hand and the amazing properties they hold. So, when your child comes running to you for cuddles, you know exactly what oils can provide them relief and/or support. The beauty of creating roller bottle blends is that you can tweak each blend for your individual child. Use a ‘recipe’ as a base, but no two bodies are the same so mix your blends up, trialling different oils to find which blend your child responds to best.

If you are unsure where to start you can find more information on dilution ratios here

Remember, start with less essential oils & add as needed.

Here are a few of our go to’s suitable for a 2 year old:


2 Tea Tree

2 Arborvitae

3 Lemon

3 On Guard

Top with carrier oil

To use: Apply to bottoms of feet & down spine to help support their immune system.

Remember citrus oils are photosensitive so avoid applying to skin that will be exposed to sunlight.


4 Lavender

3 Frankincense

2 Vetiver

Top with carrier oil

To use: Apply to bottoms of feet, temples & chest 10 minutes before rest time.


4 Lavender

3 Green Mandarin or wild orange

2 Spearmint

To Use: Apply to wrists, behind ears & down spine.

Green mandarin is the only citrus oil that is NOT photosensitive. Green Mandarin is pressed from the unripened fruit of the mandarin tree which means that its safe to apply on skin exposed to sunlight.

Keep in mind these ratios may need tweaking on your child so dilute or add as needed.


Trust me, you’ll forget what goes in each bottle. That’s where our super cute stickers come in handy & don’t forget to pop a silicone protector over the top, not only to protect each roller but to hang off school bags and nappy bags – no brainer really!

We would love to see what you’re creating at home, tag us on instagram for us to see!!

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