WHY & HOW you should dilute your Essential Oils

WHY & HOW you should dilute your Essential Oils

WHY & HOW you should dilute your Essential Oils

Why Dilute?

Essential oils are potent & powerful, & we aren't kidding when we say a little goes a long way. Did you know essential oils are 50-70% more powerful than the source from which they came from. So lets protect our skin when using our essential oils topically.

How? By diluting your oils, this creates a barrier between the essential oil & your skin.

Fractionated Coconut Oil (carrier oil) is a great base to start with, it holds no odour, leaves no oily residue, has smaller molecules so can easily penetrate the oils deeper & is safe for sensitive skin. Now don't think diluting your oils will make them LESS effective, it actually makes them MORE effective as is allows the essential oil to penetrate deep into the dermis layer (the blood flow layer) of your skin.

Dilution ratios suitable for 10ml roller bottles

0-12 months (1-5 drops of essential oil)

1-5 years (5-12 drops of essential oil)

6-11 years (5-15 drops of essential oil)

12+ years (5-45 drops of essential oil)

Elderly (5-20 drops of essential oil)

Add essential oil to 10ml roller bottle then simply top with fractionated coconut oil & you're good to go! This method will save your oils making them last longer + easy, mess free application.

Direct from the bottle:

0-1 year: 1 drop of essential oil in 1 tbsp carrier oil

Child: 1-2 drops of essential oil in 1 tsp carrier oil

12+ years: 1-2 drops of essential oil in 3-5 drops carrier oil

Still unsure here are some example dilution methods:

Let's say you have a child under one & they are experiencing teething discomfort. Grab your frankincense or lavender, add 1 drop then fill the remainder of the roller bottle with your carrier oil. Apply topical to the jawbone area. Wait, look for signs of relief, if more support is needed simply add 1 more drop of either oil.

Maybe you're experiencing head tension, so you grab your peppermint & frankincense. Jenny next door told you 10 drops of each worked a treat for her but you’re a newbie & decided to try 5 drops of each & found that that ratio worked perfectly for YOU.

REMEMBER, your body may respond differently to your neighbour’s experience with essential oils. Use this dilution chart as purely a guide as each body is different & will respond differently to each oil, just like it does with western medicine.

Keep experimenting until you find YOUR perfect ratio.

Tip: Spot test for skin sensitivity when trying new oils or dilution ratios.

Apply your essential oils to the bottoms of your feet as the soles of your feet hold larger pores making it a less sensitive area when applying your oils.

YOU’RE JUST NOT SURE? Simply use your intuition, oils are NOT dangerous, nor are they something to shy away from just because you are new to the journey. Just start with the lowest oil recommendation & do what YOU are comfortable with.

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