Supporting your Families Health

Supporting your Families Health

Supporting your Families Health

It’s a no brainer that every parent wants the best for their family & supporting their health is definitely a top priority. 

Yes, it’s great that we provide a clean environment but are we fully aware that the products we are using could potentially cause more harm than good? Products that contain long lists of ingredients should automatically be red flagged. The word fragrance is a term used to disguise hundreds of unregulated chemicals. Hand sanitizers that kill the good bacteria along with the bad which over time weaken our immune system & all these generic products that we come into contact with get absorbed into our bloodstream in as little as 2 minutes. Not Good!

I took a look at some generic cleaning products to find (wait for it) no ingredient list on their labels, as well as warnings listed below:

  • During use, avoid contact with eyes & skin as it may produce severe burns
  • Use in a well-ventilated room as may cause light headedness 
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Despite inspection, some bones may remain (umm WTAF??!!)
  • Not to be secreted into our waterways (coming from a certain washing powder)

Scary huh!!!

Let’s remember to always read the fine print!

Ok, so how can we support our family’s immunity?

By slowly ditching these chemical filled products knowing that we can create our own home made products that actually work, are eco-friendly, affordable & more importantly SAFE for our family. 

Now more than ever is the time to strengthen our immune system. So let’s start by creating some uber simple recipes that even the kiddies can get involved in!



250ml trigger spray bottle

180ml distilled water

4tbsp (60ml) liquid castile soap

12 drops essential oil

Essential oil suggestions:

3 drops each of Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Rosemary & Clove

6 drops each of Wild Orange & Lemon

Add all ingredients to 250ml spray bottle, replace cap & shake to combine.

To use: Shake spray bottle & spray onto surfaces. Using a cloth, wipe dry as you would a store-bought cleaner.



30ml spritzer bottle

10ml aloe vera gel

10ml isopropyl alcohol

1 tsp (5ml) vitamin E oil (optional)

10 drops of a protective blend such as On Guard or Thieves

 Add all ingredients to a 30ml spritzer bottle & shake thoroughly to combine.

To use: Shake bottle to disperse essential oils. Spray onto hands & rub together as needed.

Do not rinse.

What I’ve noticed about people making their own DIY hand sanitizers is that they aren’t experiencing dry, cracked or bleeding hands from overuse. Amazing! The last thing you want is dry itchy hands and then having to use more nasty chemicals on them each time you sanitise eeeeek!

As we create homemade products its important to label every bottle, I know as a Mum I do most of the cleaning so I know what's what without the labels. But for peace of mind when family & friends visit or even babysit I want them to reach for the natural good stuff, knowing it’s purpose. Our new Family Immunity Label Set has been created with exactly that in mind which includes 14 simple DIY’s to a healthier home. These labels are super cute & will pretty up any bottle!

Now when it comes to daily immune support, I’m your number one cheerleader for all things natural. Yes, I am an essential oil lover & will do all I can with natural solutions FIRST but if things do need extra attention off to the docs we go & that’s when I turn to western medicine. I feel at ease when doing this as I have drastically reduced the toxic load within my home as well as having the tools at my fingertips to detox my body if need be.




A simple swipe down your spine & on the soles of your feet is an amazing way to support your body when feeling run down or on the verge of getting sick. I love to apply this roller blend liberally over my neck if I feel a little scratch evolving & the beauty of essential oils is that they work FAST. I'm talking 2 minutes is all it takes until they can be found in your bloodstream & 20 minutes until they have reached every cell in your body. 

How amazing is Mother Nature!

The Immune Roller recipe contains Oregano (a hot oil), so do not use this roller consecutively over 10 days. This blend is aimed to support the body when unwell. 

TIP: Create two rollers, one with Oregano (for sick days) the other without (for daily use). 

Checkout our dilution guide when creating blends for different age groups!



10ml roller bottle

5 drops frankincense

5 drops lemon

5 drops tea tree

5 drops oregano

8ml carrier oil (we love FCO)

Add essential oils to roller bottle. Top with your carrier oil of choice.

To use: Apply when feeling unwell every 3-4 hours to soles of feet & spine at the first signs of being unwell, continue using until 2 days after symptoms disappear. 

Your body will love you for this extra support!

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