New & Improved Website

New & Improved Website

New & Improved Website

Welcome to the Aromatherapy Essentials website.

Following the rebrand from Nourished Lives we are excited to launch our new website!

In addition to making the website easier to get around, we are going to be introducing a blog and a recipes page where we will share all our recent DIY projects and discoveries.

Aside from a completely new look and feel, we will be doing our best to encourage our customers to use this site to not only get their hands on the best aromatherapy glassware on the market but also inspire you to eliminate the nasties from your homes by creating your own natural solutions powered by essential oils.

Our blog will share what we are up to business wise, so you can check in here to see what we are currently working on. Our recipe page will have just that - recipes!

We look forward creating some exciting content for you to view, in the meantime if you have any questions or would like a recipe for something in particular or you would like to share your own recipes we would love to hear from you! Contact us anytime via facebook or you can email

P.S. If you’re not already you should become part of the Aromatherapy Essentials Members Group?

We use this platform to keep all our customers up to date with any new range releases, expected delivery dates on out of stock items, pre-order opportunities, giveaways, discount deals and of course our famous FLASH SALES!
This group is open to anyone and everyone so please feel free to share, invite your friends, family and essential oil team members!