Make Up Remover

Make Up Remover

Make Up Remover


100g jar

20 circular cotton make up removal pads

2 tbsp witch hazel

2 tbsp jojoba or fractionated coconut oil

1 tbsp water (distilled, purified or boiled and cooled)

3 drops of essential oils


Ageing: 2 drops of lavender & 1 drop of ylang ylang

Dry: 2 drops of cedarwood & 1 drop of geranium Problematic: 2 drops of lea tree & 1 drop of lavender

Dull: 3 drops of frankincense


Place all ingredients into a glass bowl stirring gently to combine. Place two (2) cotton pads in a 100g jar and cover with a small amount of liquid, continue repeating this step until you have filled the jar with the cotton pads. Once all the pads have been added to the jar, press them down firmly to ensure the liquid is dispersed evenly over all the pads, The pads should be damp with liquid, not soaked.


Wipe over face and eyes gently in a circular motion until make up is removed.