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Matte Black Platinum Package

Matte Black Platinum Package

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Your health has never been better, the kids are thriving, and you’ve even caught your hubby stealing little squirts of your Frankincense Glow Serum from the bathroom.

So, what’s next?

It’s time to level-up your collection with our Platinum Package, designed for those ready to go ‘all in’ with low-tox alternatives.

The bottles are a beautiful thick matte black glass with quality closures and matching black caps. 

The package includes:

10 x 10ml roller bottles
1 x 500ml bottle including chemical resistant trigger spray
1 x 250ml bottle including chemical resistant trigger spray
1 x 30g jar
1 x 50g jar
1 x 100g jar
1 x 100ml spritzer / atomiser
1 x 50ml spritzer / atomiser
1 x 30ml spritzer / atomiser
1 x 30ml dropper bottle
1 x 50ml serum / lotion bottle
1 x 100ml serum / lotion bottle

We're committed to minimising our eco-footprint so all of our 10ml bottles now come packaged in a FREE reusable felt storage purse to keep your bottles safe!

*Style of bag may vary!