Meet Kate!


Hi, I’m Kate. 

If you’re like me with small kids I know your time is precious, so I’m going to keep this brief….

Aromatherapy Essentials was born out of my desire to provide cost effective, low tox solutions for my family and improve our overall health and wellbeing. After the birth of Miss Q, I was home alone (alot) and we both kept getting sick - one thing after another it seemed to never end. My energy levels were extremely low and when I started sharing my concerns to other mums, I discovered we were all having the same kind of experience. It simply couldn’t be a coincidence!

When I began researching household toxins I was (quite frankly) horrified at what I found and this sparked a passion in me to provide safer solutions for my family. Around this time I was introduced to the wonderful world of essential oils and my love for DIY alternatives snowballed from there. 

But do you want to know something funny?

Back then (2016), the glassware available in Australia was very poor quality and I couldn’t bring myself to use something that was so* damn ugly. So I started searching for some gorgeous aromatherapy glassware to store my low tox creations and eventually came across some quality Amber Glass bottles (our current Amber range) with beautiful closures. As it turned out, the supplier had a minimum order of 100 and when I started to reach out to my network of low-tox lovers, almost EVERYONE said they’d pitch in and buy some too!

So was born, Aromatherapy Essentials!

Now, I’m proud to say that I’m completely Australian owned and operated based out of beautiful Newcastle Australia. We have a 50sqm warehouse on my parents property and both Mum and Dad pitch in organising stock and packing orders. It honestly doesn’t get much better than that!

And to the community of mums who have joined me on this journey - thank you! I see you and I know how hard you work to provide for your family. 

I’m Kate, your ally in health and wellness.