2ml Amber Sample Vials

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Introducing our Amber Glass Sample Vials, the ultimate solution for storing your precious essential oils and blends. We've designed the vial purse packs with sharing in mind, so you can spread the love of aromatherapy with your friends and family effortlessly.

Made from thick, high-quality amber glass, these vials provide superior protection against harmful UV rays, ensuring your oils and blends remain fresh but more importantly potent! Plus, they come equipped with a plastic flow restrictor insert and ribbed plastic cap, ensuring a secure grip and a leak-free seal.

Each set of 20 sample vials comes packaged in a beautiful felt zip-up purse to keep them safe and prevent damage.

Whether you're building a mini pure-fume collection, creating therapeutic blends for ear or tummy aches, or just need a compact first aid kit, our Amber Sample Vials are the perfect solution.