Amber Clean Home Package

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You’re a woman on a mission and have spent countless hours researching how to eliminate chemicals from your home! You’re relentless, educated, and ready to take on the world! 

We know you're going to fall in love our Clean Home Package designed to effectively eliminate nasty chemicals from your cleaning routine. Our chemical resistant trigger sprays are a popular choice for benchtop, bathroom sprays and the spritzers and jars in this range have been carefully selected with cleaning in mind.

The bottles are a beautiful thick amber glass with quality closures and matching black caps. 

The package includes:

2 x 500ml bottles including chemical resistant trigger spray
2 x 250ml bottles including chemical resistant trigger spray
1 x 20g jar
1 x 100g jar
1 x 100ml spritzer / atomiser
1 x 30ml spritzer /atomiser
1 x 30ml dropper bottle
1 x 50ml serum / lotion bottle