Jade Crystal Roller Bottle


Jade is the protector that guides you to happiness and harmony in relationships and career. Jade is perfect for those wanting to promote abundance whilst maintaining a relaxed state of being.

Manifest peace, love, luck, joy, and abundance, Jade is helpful for making your dreams become a reality.

Our Jade Gua Sha Roller Bottle can be used to stimulate the dermis to support collagen and elastin production, increase lymphatic flow and release congestion and toxicity.

How to use:

Add your favourite Essential Oil blends or facial serums to the roller bottle and use the roller ball applicator to apply the product to your face or body. The unique exterior of the crystal bottle can be used to gently massage your face and neck in an upward and outward motion to sculpt, reduce fine lines and minimise unwanted puffiness.

Gua Sha techniques can help stimulate the dermis (the thickest layer of the skin) to support collagen and elastin production, manipulate areas of tension to relax facial muscles, increases lymphatic flow and help to release congestion and toxicity: resulting in a brighter, healthier, more radiant complexion. 

Our Jade is a 100% natural stone, ethically sourced in Myanmar, Southeast Asia.

Each crystal weighs approximately 108 grams, has a capacity of 15mls and is individually packaged in a beautiful white gift box surrounded by thick foam to prevent damage.