Kids Lip Balm Set

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This new Kids Lip Balm Set was inspired by my gorgeous little niece who is quite the entrepreneur. She wanted to DIY some lip balms as gifts for her friends, so I created this Lip Balm Kit for her.

Next thing I know, she is making almost 50 pots a week and selling them on her Etsy store!

So if you have a budding entrepreneur in the family, or maybe you're just looking for something fun to do with the kids, this set is for you.

Set includes:

10 x pastel palette jars with white or black caps
2 x serum bottles filled with fractionated coconut oil
1 x kids label set
1 x lip balm recipe sheet
80g shea butter
60ml fractionated coconut oil
30g beeswax pellets

These ingredients make approximately 30 pots, which equates to just $2 per pot of lip balm. Low-tox and loads of fun? Yes please!